AFEK: The original F-Pat Community

AFEK is the original community for F-Pats in Korea. Membership is open to all long-term resident F-Pats - people who hold an F-2, F-4, F-5 or F-6 visa. As a member of AFEK, you will gain access to a wealth of resources and experience. Our library grants you access to over 600 documents that can help you with living and working in Korea.join

Our greatest resource is the membership. We are the most active community of resident F-Visa holders in Korea. Whatever your needs, we have somebody who can help. Starting a business? Our members can help. Relocating? Our members can help? Trouble with the spouse, or the Korean family? Our members can help.

During a recent poll, we asked our members about the things that make them logon to AFEK:

"The community is welcoming and friendly. The diversity of opinions is entertaining. The information related to F-pat life and Korea is top notch." - F-2 Male

"I like the wealth of experience and information the members share about life in Korea." - F-5 Female

"[It] helps me keep up to date with info for my business (licensing etc.) good advice about doing business in ROK" - F-2 Male

"I don't have any western friends here in Korea due to location and quick turnover of those who do come to the area. I miss being part of a community and hearing/seeing English in the real world and AFEK has provided that for me in a virtual form. I like to look at the forums to see what people are talking about and I'll contribute if I have anything relevant to add." - F-2 Male

"I like to read about what's going on with everyone else, as well as read up on advice that I can definitely find useful in the future." F-4 female

There are other benefits to being an F-Pat. There are regular gatherings organised by different members of the community. There are social gatherings for wives married to Koreans, "boys nights", children's days out, and we recently hosted the first AFEK Business Conference - an all day affair that sought to provide information about doing business in Korea to a large number of F-Pats. For F-Pats who could not make the event, the audio files are available for streaming from the site, and the presentations are also available to view.

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